Rx-Token (pharma token) is tied to pre-market pharmaceuticals. The FAIR Project has partnered with incredible teams who have developed and deployed well known pharmaceuticals such as Mucinex, Cardizem, Phoslo and Nicorette. Together we can tokenize the process of innovating amazing new medications to improve quality of life.

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Medical Practices
The DCTR token is tied to physician practices,  Family Practices, Urgent Cares, and Pain Management Practices among others. The FAIR team has multiple physician based practices that will support the DCTR token through royalties. In addition we'll help them with our management, liquidity, logistics and scale. Let's help bring back the doctor patient relationship we all know and love.

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Medical Imagining
The FAIR token is our ecosystem token. This will eventually be used to swap in and out of the FAIR ecosystem. It will also serve as an “index of health” for the entire ecosystem of tokens. Get your FAIR Token licenses and you’ll be rewarded for being a pillar of support.

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Medical Imagining
Getting your medical imaging such as X-rays, CAT Scans, MRI's and Ultrasounds are sometimes much faster and more convenient when they are done out of the hospital.  The FAIR Project is in talks with several medical imaging companies who LOVE the idea of tokenizing their industry.  We like the idea of bringing the business of medical imaging to the regular Joe, so it's not only reserved for millionaires and billionaires.

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Medical Technology
The MDTX token is in the works and will be tied to the royalties of multiple medical device companies.  So far companies innovating with artificial intelligence to help surgeons put you back together correctly are in our sights. Other companies such as medical apps, medical tests and medical hardware will be integrated into the MDTX token so we have a wide variety of opportunities and are diversified in this category of medicine.

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IDOC is coming soon and will be tied to the industry of telemedicine. The FAIR Project will partner with multiple telemedicine companies so we together we can get healthcare to the ones who need it the most. The young, the old and those injured often cannot physically or sometimes mentally show up in a doctors office. But the beauty of technology, is that they don't have to anymore.  With IDOC, together we can deliver care to those who need it the most. Get involved with IDOC and you'll be participating in the delivery of healthcare to all corners of the earth. Most likley, all of us at some point will need IDOC.  Pay it forward now, and be rewarded for your efforts with the IDOC token.

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Fertility Clinics
LIFE token could be the most important token in our ecosystem. There are not many other things that are more important than giving new life to a family that could not otherwise do so.  Support LIFE token and you will be giving life to a family that is probably very similar to your own. Your reward will be more than just tokens.

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Medical Transport
MDTP token is coming soon and will be to medical transportation businesses.  Though many of us don't think too much about medical transport it is a crucial piece of the health care puzzle. From taking grandma back to her care facility after a broken hip, to high emergency helicopter transport for motor vehicle collisions, medical transport is a busy as ever, and MDTP allows YOU to be a part of it.

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Medical Rehabs
Rehabilitation is critical to our patients on many different levels and the REHB token (coming soon) will be used to expand and benefit not only patients after injury, surgery or illness, but also to help those with addiction get back on their feet. REHB token allows you to participate in getting people back to their normal lives after many different types of medical issues.

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