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Rx-Token is tied to pre-market pharmaceuticals.

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The FAIR Project has partnered with incredible teams who have developed and deployed well known pharmaceuticals such as Mucinex, Cardizem, Phoslo and Nicorette. Together we can tokenize the process of innovating amazing new medications to improve quality and life.

How to Earn RXT

Create a FAIR Account

Create a FAIR account at app.thefairproject.ai in just a few steps with just an email.  Get your account authenticated with Google AUTH or AUTHY, and you'll be ready to purchase a license in no time.

Purchase Licenses

Become a part of the RXT network by purchasing RXT software mining licenses and take advantage of the pre-market pharmaceutical industry.

Earn Tokens

Check your dashboard to see the tokens earned each day. Each mining cycle is 24 hours. You will be rewarded a specific amount of tokens each mining cycle.

500 Million Tokens

Five hundred million RXT tokens will be mined and placed into circulation.  All RXT must be mined and will only be available on third-party exchanges.  This is not an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project structure.  The RXT project constitutes a fair launch protocol, as 100% of RXT must be mined into existence. RXT is a 1/2 life token. Halving is every 365 days beginning at inception of mining.

Disclosures and Risk

It is important to know that the RXT token software mining license is not an investment.  Digital rewards produced by each license are not considered legal tender and are not backed by any government, thus the rewards have very few regulatory protections and are not insured against theft or loss by agencies such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

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